Foundations Counseling & Consulting specializes in the following areas:

Marriage reconciliation and restoration

Marriage is a covenant based relationship that is not immune to the challenges of our choices and emotions. Often undealt with hurtful memories, abuses from the past, disparities in the upbringing of one's family of origin, all combine to bring delightful or resentful differences between a husband and wife. At times counseling is needed to bring clarity to what one is personally responsible for and can provide tools to navigate those disparities without creating further division. Communicating emotions finding your way through conflict resolution is an integral part of this specialty.


Feeling tired even after sleeping well? Have you lost your sense of self-worth or confidence? Have you entertained thoughts of self-harm or made suicidal attempts? Feeling restless or anxious all the time? These are all signs that you may be dealing with depression and or anxiety. FCC can provide that safe place to share your personal challenges, understand your negative thoughts and identify your feelings. This approach, along with a coordinated consultation with your primary care physician, may be the formula to find your way through, regain control and live a more stable life.

Grief Counseling

All of us are familiar with the pain of losing someone we loved dearly. Grief is a natural part of life and can serve to remind us of how precious life is. People deal with loss differently, some people process through grief well others may experience times when additional resources like counseling would be helpful.

Multicultural counseling

Having grown up in Canada and learning to speak French and Italian, Jonathan brings first-hand knowledge to the journey of diversity, multiculturalism and the desire to belong to a community.

Sex Therapy (provided in conjunction with FCC's registered sex therapist Rachelle Colegrove, MA, LPC, CST)

Affair recovery work usually means sexual intimacy is a challenge to rediscover. Often couples know the mechanics of sexual intimacy yet struggle with the emotional and psychological fallout from the affair. In other situations, as we age sexual intimacy changes because of changes to hormones and body functions changes. Rachelle Colegrove, MA, LPC, CST, a Christian registered sex therapist, has partnered with FCC to bring her expertise to married couples wanting to find their way back to a meaningful fulfilling sexual intimacy.

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